About Us
AI ELECTRONICS is an independent distributor of electronic components, providing full-scale services for OEM, EMS, ODM, Design-in house, and automotive part suppliers. 

A highly experienced and devoted team
Consisted of both top industry professionals and young IT-driven component experts, our team is a full- scale service provider, a partner to meet all your needs and grow with you for a better future.

Global Procurement &Sales:
AI ELECTRONICS has gathered an industry-leading global procurement, sales, made full use of global resources, and searched for suppliers and target customers around the world.  at the very beginning. After 7-year’s cultivation, AI has developed a vast number of suppliers worldwide,it has established the global procurement system and brand resource library with providing customers with "fast and excellent" professional services.

Marketing &IT:
The Marketing provides customers with the latest domestic and international market dynamic analysis, and grasps the material changes in advance. And the IT team provides the team with the convenience of the system, making work and communication more interesting.

QC& Logistics:
Quality control process-we have made the investment in the latest technologies and training for the detection and prevention of counterfeits entering your supply.Efficient logistics team assists customers to achieve efficient management of domestic and foreign logistics and same-day delivery of urgent needs.

Excess Inventory Management:
The expandable supplier system enables AI ELECTRONICS to grasp the sluggish materials at the terminal in real time, reduce inventory pressure, With R&A’s Inventory Management Programs, the customers’ excess inventories turn into cash. and find corresponding cost-saving opportunities for customers in need at any time, so as to realize the optimal allocation of resources.